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DisplayPort™ Tools

Unigraf’s DisplayPort™ Reference Sinks and Reference Sources are qualified to be used as Authorized Test Tools for DisplayPort™ Link Layer compliance testing for the DP Certified logo.

The qualification applies to the full range of Unigraf equipment for DisplayPort™ Sink and Source testing (see presentation). The devices qualified now are VTG-5225 DP, DPR-100, UFG-04 DP and UIPC-DP.

In this presentation Unigraf’s DisplayPort™ expert provides an easy to understand explanation to the key issues in DisplayPort™ interface and DP CTS testing.

DisplayPort™ Tools product list
Product code Description PDF
VTG-5225 DP Deep Color multifunction DisplayPort™ reference source vtg-5225-dp
UFG-04 DP DisplayPort™ Frame Grabber and Reference Sink ufg-04_dp
DPR-100 Compact sized DisplayPort™ sink for performing DP CTS tests dpr-100
DPT-200 Compact sized DisplayPort™ source with Source Console SW dpt-200
DPA-400 Pocket sized device that provides a full DisplayPort™ AUX channel traffic analysis. dpa-400
UIPC-DP DisplayPort™ Reference Sink PC  with UFG-04-DP frame grabber ref-sink
Display Port CTS tools
CTS Tools testing DisplayPort™ compliance



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