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Help us to help you

The first obstacle in dealing with support problems is a lack of information. To assist the support staff in solving any problems you may have encountered quickly and effectively, it is imperative that the information you provide contains as much detail as possible.

The Support Team have a vast amount of experience and you should feel free to contact them with any problems you may have. Tell them what you are trying to accomplish and they will advise you on the most suitable way to achieve your aims.

To contact them with " The system or card does not work" can cause hours, if not days of unnecessary fault finding. When contacting the support staff it would be extremely useful if you could provide the following details:

  • The system you are using (motherboard, RAM, other hardware and software)
  • Product name and serial number
  • Application software and version of the product
  • Full details of any displayed error messages
  • Details of what you were trying to achieve when the error occurred
  • Details of what exactly happened
  • If query is regarding the programing of the SDK, please specify the programming language in use and submit source code examples if possible.

Any fault you may encounter will, in all likelihood, not have been experienced by our support staff, therefore to assist them in solving your problem, as much information as possible should be provided.

This section includes some of the more common technical support enquiries which are solved quickly and easily with simple user intervention.

Contacting Support
DataSoft technical support team provides support all its products via phone, fax, and email. Contact technical support by:

    Phone +39 335 5995138    Mr. Rosario Crispo
    Fax +39  0331 768797


Getting Your RMA Number
A Return Material Authorization number (Rma) is assigned to your service request and is used to track your request. This applies to all service requests. Place the Rma# that you receive from technical support clearly on all shipping boxes and on all paperwork associated with the service request.
You must obtain a Rma from us prior to shipping any material to us.
To obtain a Rma, either send an Email to that contains the following information:

1. Customer Name
2. Contact Name
3. Contact Phone Number
4. Product and/or Model
5. Serial Number
6. Description of the Problem

Shipping to DataSoft Srl Service Department
After obtaining an Rma from us, mark it on all shipping boxes and paperwork.
Address your shipment to:

DataSoft Srl
Via Gorizia, 12/C
21011 Casorate Sempione (VA)
RMA Service


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