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Unigraf HDMA Console

Unigraf’s HDMA Console with UFG-04 HDMA frame grabber card include a powerful set of features for analyzing HDMI sources like Set Top Box, Blue Ray Player and AV amplifier. HDMA Console enables the user to evaluate in detail the video and audio content and the associated metadata. The functions are available both in a GUI and through an SDK for Test Automation applications.

Testing with HDMA Console is fast and effective. The fidelity of the HDMI streams or the correctness of supported timings can be verified in seconds. By re-programming the EDID to emulate various sink types the performance of the source can be done in a few mouse clicks. All the tests can be performed either manually or as automated test sequences. The flexibility of the HDMA Console enables both faster test times and more comprehensive testing sequenses.

UFG-04 HDMA frame grabber includes powerful on-board functions and a large on-board frame buffer. Using that you can capture and store up to 500 continuous HDMI frames, without any frame drops.

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Unigraf HDMA Console reliable and effective HDMI source testing HDMA Console
UFG-04 HDMA Ufg04 HDMA HDMI 1.3 frame grabber and stream analyzer ufg-04_hdma


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