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DisplayPort™ AUX Channel Monitor


  • Device independent
  • Data interpreter with time stamps
  • Pocket Size
  • USB controlled and powered


  • Silicon validation
  • Software debug and validation
  • Solution of interoperatibility problems
  • Documentation of functionality and implementations
  • Monitoring and time measurement of

Full DisplayPort™ AUX Channel Monitoring

DPA-400 is compact, pocket sized device that provides a full DisplayPort™ AUX channel traffic analysis. DPA400 and its Windows software tool enable the user to monitor, capture and document all messages sent by source, sink or branch devices.
Each message is shown as time stamped raw data and also in its decoded form expressed with the same terminology used by the DisplayPort™ standard specification. Also the activity of the Hot Plug Detect (HPD) signal is tracked and documented by a time stamp marking each of its changes of state.

Easy to Use

DPA-400 is USB-powered and measures only 10.5 x 13 x 3.5 centimeters, making it an ideal tool for a laboratory desktop and a snappy companion for a laptop computer.
It preserves signal integrity by buffering the Main stream data lanes. It can be inserted between a sink and a source without needing special shortened cables, custom adapters or expensive pods.



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