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DisplayPort™ Reference Sink

  • Compact sized DisplayPort™ sink
  • Sink Console GUI enables
    full monitoring of the DP interface
  • Easy to use EDID editor
  • Certified for DP LL CTS testing
  • DP HDCP CTS testing 
  • USB controlled from PC

Full DP Reference Sink Functionality

DPR-100 is a very compact, yet full featured DisplayPort™ reference Sink. It provides all features needed for testing DisplayPort™ source devices like PC display cards or portable computers. The DPR-100 allows you to monitor all aspects of the DP interface like Link and HDCP status and MSA. You can manually read and set DPR-100 DPCD, sink capabilities, issue varying HPD pulses etc. The Sink Console GUI also includes an advanced EDID editor for changing its EDID information.

In addition to the Sink Console GUI, you can use the Production Test Command set to interface DPR-100 to your automated production system. When used with Unigraf CTS software, DPR-100 will be a Certified TE for performing DisplayPort™ Certified Logo testing.

For Engineering and Production

The small size, only 10.5 x 13 x 3.5 centimeters make the DPR-100 ideal for both a laboratory desktop and production line instrument rack. The only connection needed are the DisplayPort™ input and a USB connection.


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