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DisplayPort™ Frame Grabber


  • Full featured DisplayPort™ Sink 
  • Up to WQXGA (2560 x 1600) 
  • Up to 12 bits per color depth 
  • Up to 512 Mpixels on-board capture 
  • User programmable EDID for emulation of any monitor model 
  • Sustained PCI bus data transfer speed up to 140 MBytes/s 
  • Compact half size PCI card 
  • High speed PCI-express bus 
  • Options:
    DisplayPort™ Link Layer CTS test
    DisplayPort™ HDCP CTS test

Full Featured DiplayPort™ Receiver

UFG-04 DP frame grabber enables the capture of full resolution DP image content with up to 12 bits per color depth and resolution up to WQXGA (2560 x 1600). The on‑board video memory enables the capture of frame-to-frame video clips regardless of the PC bus bottlenecks.

DisplayPort™ Reference Sink

Unigraf DisplayPort™ Reference Sink realised with UFG-04 DP board is an optimum solution for testing DisplayPort™ 1.1 Source devices. It implements the full requirements set in DisplayPort™ specification and supports all required display modes. Options include e.g. Link Layer and HDCP Compliance testing features.

With the native software library the application designer can effectively integrate the UFG-04 as a part of their system. By integration of the UFG-04 with Unigraf’s VTG-5000 series video pattern generators the user can create an unique combination of most advanced video testing system available.


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