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In 2001 DataSoft was founded to offer a solution hardware, software and systems for video, digital video and multimedia products for computer, consumer, and professional applications.

These products offer cost effective solutions for multimedia applications such as still image and motion video capture, graphics, and video overlay, multi-screen, RGB-DVI capture.

The ability to capture and manipulate still or motion picture from analog video equipment is mission-critical for many personal or business applications, including industrial, medical, scientific, desktop publishing, professional video processing and multimedia authoring.

DataSoft is always aiming at developing and marketing products of high technology value-adds, in according with
conforms to international standards.

We are a company with genuine concern for the success of our customers, a company with a history of success and solid reputation. In addition we share our expertise with you through a range of services.

At DataSoft we are deeply involved and challenged in a technically innovative and ever-changing environment.


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