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VTG Interface Adapter VIA–LVDS

Digital Interface Adapters for Flat Panel Displays

The VIA-LVDS, VTG Interface Adapter, is a high-speed digital display interface for converting 24 or 48 bits of parallel pixel-data, clock & sync signals to LVDS differential serial signal for LDI and open LDI output interfaces.

Total Flexibility for all your needs
Every VIA comes equipped with floppy-disk, containing appropriate .vtm file for driving the VIA.Interface parameters and their preset values are specified in .vtm file.
The VIA Advantage
Full ATE support.
DDC Support.
Lower Cost, when standards change all you need to change is the adapter, not a complete generator!

Full Software Support
Interface controlling and adjusting is software controlled via the UNIGRAF Windows User Interface.
Drivers for Win95, Win98 and NT4, 16 and 32 bit DLLs

The right VIA for your application
Due to the changing markets and standards the VTG-1108 and VTG Interface Adapters are the preferred choice. There are VIA’s available for LVDS, TMDS, Parallel-TTL and RGB interfaces.


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