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Video pattern generator with USB interface

The USB connected VTG-4116 is a digital video signal source for designed for testing, evaluating and servicing different types of Flat Panel Displays in manufacturing, research & development. It can supply the necessary signals for displaying test pictures on LCD, EL and Plasma Displays or other equipment using digital video inputs, colour or monochrome.

Excellent tools for testing

VTG software comes with a set of commonly-used timings and test patterns. For user’s special needs it is simple to edit and modify them and save for further use. It offers complete single pixel control in any timing and pattern including text with bitmap and vector fonts. It is easy to build test sequences for manufacturing, burn-in, quality control and service routines. Also multiple cards can be controlled in one PC.
Unigraf VTG Software and Hardware offer quick, easy and powerful tools designed precisely for various types of video testing applications of today and tomorrow.

Easy & Efficient Interfacing Control

The large variation in the interface signalling required by different types of displays is solved by versatile
VTG Interface Adapter bus. Different VIA- and DIA- adapters, supporting various display interfaces, can be connected to VTG-4116. New adapters can be developed as the interfaces and standards improve and change.

Powerful programmability and software support

Max 165 MHz single pixel clock and max 150 MHz double pixel clock enabling 300 MHz pixel frequency
WinVTG.exe User Interface for Windows™ (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP)
DLL for application programming
Bitmap support for multiple file formats: .bmp .gif .jpeg .pcd .pcx .png .tif
ATE support, VESA DPMS and DDC
Unlimited number of permanent programmable patterns, timings, colors, palettes, signal formats and sequences


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