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VTG-4108 TTL

VTG-4108 CLV

Test pattern source for small mobile displays

Flexible Video Signal Source

The VTG-4108 supports the need for testing small sized color and monochrome panels. It combines a flexible and user friendly test signal source and a fully configurable LVDS and TTL output. A wide variety of data signal confugations and timing modes can programmed to the device.

Supports present and future needs

In addition to the outstanding output signal performance, the VTG-4108 provides superior flexibility by storing timing files, predefined test pattern and custom made bitmaps internally. These features allow the VTG-4108 to support a multitude of different panels and tests.

• USB connection to PC
• Powerfull pattern drawing
• Unlimited number of patterns and timings
• Bitmap support
• Configurable TTL output pin assignment

Applications include:
• Manufacturing testing
• Engineering signal source
• QA source of standard signals
• Servicing

Two Models

VTG-4108 comes with two optional output models.
The VTG-4108 TTL fearures outputs to TTL driven displays and LVDS displays with 6-bit DC balanced option.
The VTG-4108 CLV features outputs for Composite, S-video and single lane high speed 24 bit LVDS.


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