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Unigraf has three speciality areas where the company has several years of successful track record as an innovative and reliable development and production partner.

In the field of Video Signal Unigraf has a deep understanding of how to generate a stabile video pattern, how to capture a high definition video image and how to analyze quality of the image and compliance of the used multimedia interface.

Unigraf has a long-term experience in development of Electronics and Software for industrial and test applications.

Industrial PC Knowledge enables Unigraf to provide its industrial customers with a trusted source of PC equipment with a dependable technology and secure supply.

Combining these three specialities enables Unigraf to provide customers with optimal solutions for their businesses. Unigraf experience includes the design and manufacture of both module level products and complete systems – tested and certified according to the appropriate standards.

Quality at Unigraf
ISO 9001:2000 certified by DNV
In all Unigraf's operations - from early development phases to after sales services - we apply high quality standards.
Unigraf has a DNV certification of quality according to ISO 9001:2000.

Customised electronics
When standard products are not enough – we can make design and adaptation that is fully compatible to your system requirements. We provide flexibility to our customers through all development phases.

Design to customer’s specification
  • Designing products to customer specifications including new features and software changes.
  • Designing products to meet specific industrial standards and approvals.
  • Testing to customer specification according to industry standards.
System integration and Installation
  • Providing integration know-how into customers’ automation systems and operating environment.

Production and logistics
  • Prototype and small to large production series-
  • Flexible delivery schedule from Unigraf’s stock based on a annual contract.
  • Product traceablity provided.


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