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Unigraf UFG04 Console Support HDMI® 1.4 3D                          6 Aug 2010

With the recent updates, Unigraf's UFG04 Console with UFG-04 HDMA Capture Board can now help HDMI® Source Device vendors to evaluate also the 3D capability of their devices according to HDMI 1.4a standard.

UFG04 Console is a tool that is used by the developers and vendors of PC Graphic Cards, Set Top Box and other Multimedia Devices to make sure that their devices perform well when connected any HDMI® Sink or Repater device. This includes verifing the Sink - Source interoperability with various EDID combinations, the video timing and the correctness of the Metadata sent by the Source.

The new features enable the Source designer to verify also the right interpretation of the 3D features in the HDMI Vendor-Specific Data Block in the E-EDID data stucture of the Sink. The designer can also verify that the 3D related fileds in the HDMI Vendor Specific InfoFrame extension and the video data are properly sent.

With the UFG-04 HDMA Capture Board the user can preview the 3D video data. UFG04 Console supports the following 3D data formats: Frame Packing, Side-by-Side (Full) and (Half), Top-and-Bottom. When the HDCP encryption is not enabled, the user can also store the data as individual image bitmap files in his PC.

The latest software, firmware and drivers for UFG-04 HDMA and UFG04 Console can be found on FTP site. Please contact us for details.

16 Jun 2010; Espoo, Finland

The latest releases of the DisplayPort™ test software and drivers support Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. This includes the following:
- RefSource CTS Tool for LL and HDCP
- RefSink CTS Tool for LL, HDCP and Ext HDCP
- RefSink CTS Tool for Audio
- DP Source Console
- DP Sink Console
- DP AUX Channel Monitor

Please find the latest versions of the installation packages here.

24 Mar 2010; Espoo, Finland

We have now increased the possible frame buffer memory capacity of the UFG-04 series frame grabbers
. The following newly introduced models all have 4 GBytes on board memory. The increased frame buffer capacity enables the users to capture and store more non-drop frames. The new models are 100% downwards compatible with the models with 2 Gbytes or 512 Mbytes frame buffer. Short presentation explaining the use of the extended frame buffer.

The new models are:
UFG-04 DP-1024,
UFG-04 HDMA-1024,
UFG-04 HLV-1024 and
UFG-04 QLVDS-1024.

3 Mar 2010; Espoo, Finland
End of Life VTG Products      see  document

End of Life UFG Products      see  document

10 Feb 2010; Beaverton, Oregon and Espoo, Finland

DCP, LLC Approves Unigraf Tools as the First Authorized Test Tool

DCP, LLC has announced today the approval of the Unigraf VTG-5225 and DPT-200 as Authorized Test Tools for HDCP compliance testing. "The DPT-200 has been demonstrated on DisplayPort Sink devices to accurately test to the HDCP DisplayPort CTS."

Unigraf VTG-5225 and DPT-200 are the first Approved Test Tools and it will be used as the Primary Test Equipment for Authorized Test Center HDCP Compliance Testing.

"Approval of the tools gives adopters a new option for testing and debugging products" comments Caitlin Hier at Digital Content Protection LLC.

"Approval of the VTG-525 and DPT-200 as the Authorized Test Tools is a clear indication of the commitment that our team at Unigraf has on creating equipment and tools for helping the DisplayPort™ community in their work." says Jouko Ala-Tuori, Managing Director and CEO of Unigraf. "We are proud to hear the positive feedback that our customers are giving us about their productivity and easiness of use."

More information about the whole DP product line can be found here.


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