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VGA Switch

High Quality RGB Video Switch

UVS-01 is a compact size device for high definition RGBHV video switching. It is an ideal choice for e.g. embedded applications with video signals up to UXGA resolution and constrained space.

Easy Control

One of the four input signals is selected either manually with a toggle switch or externally from a PC using a standard serial interface. When used with a Unigraf UFG-03 frame grabber, the switch can be operated simply through the standard VGA cable without any additional controls.

Industrial Construction

UVS-01 is built in a rugged metal enclosure for compatibility to industrial or maritime environment and easy mounting. The compact size (178x92x30 mm) enables the mounting inside cabinets, on the wall or under the table.

Use with UFG-03 Frame Grabber

The UVS-01 5V model of the switch can be both controlled and powered directly from the UFG-03 frame grabber via the VGA cable. Please contact Unigraf for details.


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