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Network Frame Grabber
  • Transfer high definition RGB or DVI video capture images over IP
  • Commonly used HTTP protocol
  • Multiple image file formats 
  • Up to 1600 x 1200 resolution without loss of detail
  • Fully independent, web browser configurable device

Video over Ethernet

UFG-E is a compact sized intelligent adaptor for transferring captured video images over IP lines from any VGA or DVI source. It provides a very flexible way of retrieving the video information over long distances, even over Internet. Video frames up to 1600 x 1200 resolution can be transferred without any loss of detail.

Easy to use

The use of the UFG-E is very straightforward. Any computer with an Internet HTTP browser is able to retrieve images for viewing, store them or print them using a standard printer. Commonly used image file formats like JPG and PNG are supported.

Remote video

UFG-E will enable a multitude of video data interfacing or remote monitoring applications. The UFG-E can be placed in the proximity of the monitored instrument. This allows very flexible distribution of the video data by using normal network cabling instead of coaxial video cables.

One of the advantages of UFG-E is that it makes monitor video readable with any PC. This feature enables applications like storage and printing of display read-out of devices that do not have a printer or a network connection.


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